Go beyond pleasant

Pleasantness for people, for society, for the earth.
We will pursue that pleasantness of a new era by capturing the changes in technological innovation and social organization, and aim to be a Group that creates a comfortable environment that is one step ahead.


Smarter and more comprehensive

We provide services covering the life-cycle of a building or facility, from the planning stage to after construction. We will make proposals for control systems optimized to the characteristics of the facility, aiming for reduced energy use, improvement of current environment control systems, etc. By taking a long-term and overall point of view, we will satisfy building owners, managers, and users.

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Create, store, and reduce for sustainability

Environmental problems, starting with global warming, are a global issue. Because of this, when thinking about a sustainable society, one cannot stop at just reducing energy. We don’t just design in reduced energy use from highly efficient equipment. We provide comprehensive energy services for a sustainable future, such as cogeneration, solar, and lithium-ion storage batteries.

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Sales of Building Environment Control Equipment

Optimal products that fit the facility

We have many years of experience with urban spaces and are able to optimize air conditioning, heating sources, etc. and can procure a wide variety of equipment. Whether the facility is small or large, or even a smart community, we will propose a system that fits the customer’s needs.
We propose systems that are highly practical and take all the customer’s needs into account, covering the special qualities of each facility, synergy between equipment, and efficiency of management.

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